Harlequin Kindergarten
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"What kinds of things do you enjoy doing in your class?"

"Playing with toys"...............Ben (Rainbow Room)

6 weeks - 5 years

All fees are inclusive of toiletries, breakfast, 2 course hot lunch, afternoon snack and milk.

The Retainer System

Harlequin operates a Retainer System: on returning your completed registration form, a fee of £75 (full time) or £50 (part time) must also be included. This will be refunded to you on the last day of your child's attendance at nursery, assuming that your nursery fees are correct and fully up to date. However, should you choose to withdraw your application within no less than fourteen (14) days prior to your child's start date, the retainer will be refunded to you in full.

Public Holidays

All fees are payable for a total of 51 weeks of the year due to the Christmas holidays. All fees are payable monthly in advance.


Full fees are payable should your child be unable to attend nursery due to holidays or sickness. If your child is absent due to illness for more than two weeks (14 days), half fees are payable from the start of the third week. This can only be granted for a limited period: a maximum of four weeks and only on the production of a medical certificate.

Should your child have diarrhoea, a doubtful rash, discharge from the eyes/nose, they should not attend nursery until a Doctor has confirmed that they are non-infectious.

In the event of your child becoming unwell during nursery hours, parents will be contacted.


Prescribed medication will only be administered to your child on completion of a signed consent form.

Harlequin reserves the right to take a child to hospital should it be deemed necessary.

Extra Charges

Late payment of fees will be subject to an additional charge of 2% should it be necessary to send a letter attempting to claim fees, also an administration charge of £10 will also be incurred.

Start Times

Please be aware that anyone requiring childcare before 8am will be charged at a rate of £4.00 per half hour.

Please be aware that at the end of your child's session, should you be late, you will automatically be charged £5.00 and then a further £1.50 for every 15 minutes thereafter.

Methods of Payment

Payment can be made by cash, cheque or Standing Order.

Additionally, at Harlequin, parents only pay nursery fees; they are not charged extra for trips/outings, dance classes, Jo Jingles, French/Polish lessons, Christmas Parties or Christmas Presents.

Cancellation of Placement

Four weeks notice (in writing) must be given when withdrawing your child from nursery, otherwise the retainer of £75/£50 will not be refunded.

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