Harlequin Kindergarten

The Baby Rooms

At Harlequin Kindergarten we have two baby rooms; 0 – 1 years, specifically designed to nurture and encourage your little one’s mind as they ‘experience the world through the discovery of play’.

A carefully chosen selection of activities such as pasta play/mirror play, bubbles, mini gym, music and floor play etc are all on offer as babies from 6 weeks through to 1 year are invited to mix and mingle with our staff and other children on their way to the bigger and wider world of open ended discovery, whilst still retaining membership of that very exclusive club; 'the aromatic nappy foundation'.

In the second of our two baby rooms, children advance at around the six month stage and the opportunities become endless: finger painting, gloop, water play, building blocks and soft play are but a few of the options that await the more discerning child.   


The Tweenie Rooms

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The Tweenie rooms are the perfect 'next step on' for our babies; accommodating the    1 - 2 year age group.

"Let's bake a cake or better still let's do some painting and even better still let's bake a cake while we do some painting, what's a little mess here and there?"

An assortment of activities: sponge painting, the home corner, small ball pool and spinning tops, to name but a few things on offer as the children develop their abilities to share, encounter and discover.

To assist in the fine tuning of their motor skills, the second of our two Tweenie rooms comes fully loaded eg; for the budding civil engineers we have large construction toys, of course we have no control over the brand new world that they might build!

Additionally we also offer Play-doh, pasta play, painting, collage etc, with no holes barred when it comes to variety, choice and selection as our young guests enjoy their new found confidence as they move from the last room to this one. 


The Twinkie Room


"Ok, so there's no beach in sight" but that doesn't stop our 2 - 3 year old Twinkie room guests from experiencing the sand and water play, not to mention the picture books or the soft play/ball pool.

They say "it's never to early to start" and we do; encouraging the use of manners and positive behaviour (from the staff as well).

Children are never subjected to negative labelling; 'you naughty boy/girl' but instead are encouraged to understand that the 'action was wrong'.

Twinkie room two is the place for the discerning athlete or entertainer as this is the room that sees glove puppets interacting with physical play.

For the up and coming Alan Titmarsh's of the nursery, we have a fine selection of planting opportunities as the world of science unfolds, in between completing jigsaws and large and small construction play.


The Sunshine Room

Having reached the ripe old age of 3 - 4 years, the title of Toddler is now afforded to our youngsters. The Toddler room is seen as the starter with the Bright Stars room being the main course.

This room provides ample opportunity for our youngsters to hone and further develop skills such as dexterity (both physical and mental) as they continue to work with mediums such as construction play and jigsaws as they work on that tricky art of making friends, if only to fall out with them 30 seconds later..

By design this room is geared towards emphasising the children's learing experience with bold colours, books, toys and a staff team who (like all of the other rooms) take a more active interest in making the Toddler experience, one which they will treasure with fond memories.


How time flies; at the top of this page they were babies and now they are 3 - 5 years old and in the Bright Stars rooms, where detail becomes the order of the day; memory games, threading, sorting and matching, scissor control, along with role play for the budding Thespians.

'So close and yet so far' is probably the best way to describe this stage of our 3 - 5 year olds journey; by now they are closer to leaving yet still have a way to go and no way do they want to miss what comes next.

Ensuring that at all times their stages of development are monitored and checked, our staff work closely with associated professionals; teachers, police/other significant bodies, thus promoting a balanced and varied process of enhancing their educational development.

The Bright Stars


The Rainbow Room


Welcome to the Rainbow Room, where bursting with confidence, our youngsters are encouraged to chase the pot of educational gold at the end of the Rainbow. Computer programming, multi-cultural studies, dressing up, writing and language skills are all freely available here.

The Curriculum for Excellence is the new curriculum which takes children from 3 years to 18 years. Outlined by the Scottish Government, it is split into 8 curricular areas which are: Expressive Arts, Health and Well Being, Literacy and English, Numeracy and Mathematics, Religious and Moral Education, Technologies, Sciences and Social Studies and this is designed to empower our young learners through four capacities which are: Confident Individuals, Responsible Citizens, Effective Contributors and Successful Learners, essentially creating a curriculum that is child centred and giving our young children life skills.


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